News Updates 2016/02/08 Manthan 2015

Welcome to Agnihorti Group of Institution

J.M.S.S. is emerging as one of the largest network of educational Institution in the Vidarbha.

It was established by Pandit Shri. Shankar Prasadji Agnihotri in 1985 as a result of dedication and motivation of late Smt. Ranibai Agnihotri who was inspired by our father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi and Vinoba Bhave. Its now grown up with more than 20 educational units of various kinds, Right from pre-primary schools to post graduate institution

This social commitment and humanitarian outlook of Honorable Pandit Shri. Shankar Prasadji Agnihotri is reflected in a various relevant projects, which J.M.S.S. launched .It includes schools for tribal and rural children at Pawnar, where they are given free lodging and boarding facilities. The sole aim of the founder of J.M.S.S. is to make it a "Centre of Excellence in the field of Education and Research." More

The entire globe today is witnessing and experiencing the mind blogging scientific & technological developments

Our vision is to develope a strong, enthusiastic manpower from JMMS with an excellent academic standing of global level. The Globalization has

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